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Slammed BMW 535i F10

Here is an awesome fully black and slammed BMW 535i F10 from Florida, United States. It's really qualitative project, but not ideal. Let's look at this slammed BMW F10 in more detail.

If we divide all mods into 2 parts, we would get stance and blackish ("shadow line" in BMW world). As for stance here all is great. Car is lowered, but not significant. It's enough even some coilovers to get such fitment. Air suspension will make this slammed BMW 535i F10 else more comfortable and more cool in meaning of tuning. Wheels are pretty as well. But wheels are black, like almost all car. Only taillights and fog lamps are not black. It's usual for BMW styling. A lot of people love such styling. But I guess if you install pretty and really expensive wheels you may not hide them. Wheels are almost invisible at this car. And it's a pity because wheels are cool. But it's just my taste.
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