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Tuning BMW M5 CS F90

Here is a legendary super sedan in actual generation and in its most powerful version - BMW M5 CS. And if this M5 is here, off course it has some tuning.

M5cs is really fast from factory. But some owners increase their power by 1000+hp. Such modified M5 can have some issues with transmission and launch control. All due to it's power. But else such M5 is really faster than stock. But let's back to our BMW M5 CS F90. This car has some stylish exterior modifications, which make it more cool and else more unique. "Shadow line" (blacked chrome trim) is not new for BMW, but it still works and already became a legendary option. Tinted all windows made this black styling more finished. Black exhaust pipes are black as well. Looking on tips, everyone understands that it's fast car, but it doesn't scream about it.

But the main element of all this styling it's a set of new wheels. They are huge, have gold centers and polished rims. These wheels on black car look just amazing. Small lowering just completes this styling.
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