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BMW 6 E24 Widebody

Here is an awesome German legend of 1980s - BMW 6 E24 with widebody kit. Of course, wheels here are large and wide as well. And this large luxury coupe can lay on the road. So, I offer to watch this coupe more detailed.

Similar tuning projects are not rare. Even we have else one BMW 6 E24 with wide body. But that car looks more like restomod. Modern matte gray color, red roll-bar in the cabin, Huge wheels, huge bench on the trunk lid and, of course lowering by air suspension. But our black BMW 6 E24 Widebody looks more like luxury batmobile... These cars look a little different, but are built by similar recipe. Even wide body kits are same. Having more wider fenders, owner installed here custom made 3-piece wheels with very wide and polished outer rims. And somewhere inside we can see classic "web" centers from BBS. I guess this widebody BMW E24 looks pretty cool. You would attract a lot attention on the road.
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