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BMW 7 E32 Widebody by Koenig Special

Koenig Special was a king of wild tuning in 1980s and here is BMW 730i E32 with widebody kit from that tuner. BMW E32 had a little more powerful engine at 735i, but here is 3-liter engine M30B30. So, let's watch this wild and really rare BMW E32 more detailed.

Koenig Special was famous by its wide body kits in 1980s. They built many different cars with widebody. Here is Mercedes SL R107 with widebody from Koenig Special. But let's back to our BMW E32. After body works at Koenig Special this BMW 730i E32 got wide wheels and fenders to cover wheels. Rear doors were modified as well to make rear wide fenders more smooth. I guess rear tires here are close to tires used on Lamborghini Countach, they are R15 and very wide. Wheels with BBS centers have very wide rims. Bumpers were modified as well. Else guys from Koenig Special installed huge wing.

In the same moment, inside it was a usual BMW E32. Natural leather and wood, climate control, all that was available for luxury cars in 1980s. By the way, it's early BMW E32 because headlights don't have smiles.
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