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Bagged BMW 740iL E38

BMW 7-series in E38 is one of the most beautiful Bavarian models ever. His is 1999 BMW E38. Vehicle already has updated headlights but else without "angel eyes". Here is almost ideal styling. Black body, chrome trim isn't blacked, tinted black windows and really huge wheels with polished rims and milled spokes. And don't forget that this long-base limousine is lowered. Air bags help to get much lower than coilovers. And driver can always make car a little higher when drives. Bagged suspension and cool wheels are ideal receipt for such young-timers like BMW E38.

But that's not all! This E38 has V8, so owner can give to this car awesome sound of V8. All is needed only to amplify this sound by aftermarket muffler. Brand new cars don't have such stunning engine sound.
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