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Slammed BMW 7 E38

Here is slammed BMW 7 E38 from Great Britain. I'm just shocked how could they do such car which even after 30 years still looks actual and beautiful. And I'm sure that BMW E38 100% is in TOP10 of most beautiful cars BMW ever made. So, how to modify BMW E38 so as not to spoil it?

Here is late E38. Not all love it's new headlights, but it is just not all... It would be stupid to buy for tuning project car without almost all possible features. And as for tuning, this E38 has just 2 serious modifications which almost can't spoil it. Airlift allows to get lower and adjust it simply by pressing a button. And what could be more beautiful that slammed limousine? And the second serious modification here is... wheels. Even if you don't like wheels on some car, just remember that it's an owner's taste and his self expression.
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