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BMW 8 E31 with wide body kit

Here we see at these not qualitative pictures an awesome red and stanced BMW 8 E31 with wide body kit. And this bagged BMW 8 E31 looks like some red batmobile :-) Low coupe with huge wheels and bench at trunk lid. So, let's get this modified German legend in more detail.

Actually, as an ordinary stance project this BMW 8 E31 with wide body has 2 usual modifications and body kit. Air suspension allows this large coupe to lay on the ground and adjust fitment. Large wheels with bronze centers and wide polished outer rims are looking amazing. Wheels at this stanced BMW 8 E31 are so wide that owner needed to install this widebody kit. Or he installed widebody and hat to install wide wheels :-) I don't know what was first. Anyway this coupe from 1990s looks really cool. It's a shame that wide body kit is on rivets. No doubt, better integrated body kit would look much better. BMW E31 has so cool design, so even huge wing at trunk lid looks great.
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