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Tuning BMW 850i

Here we have a cool purple BMW 850i with some tuning from UK. Probably this color is called Royal Blau (Royal Blue in English). However, let's take a closer look at this awesome slammed BMW 850i.

This BMW 850i has a pretty simple tuning. Actually here we talk just about 2 main modifications. This slammed BMW 850i got an air suspension. Airlift is a king of tuning today. This expensive, but quite simple modification allows to adjust fitment. But else you will get more comfortable ride. So, air suspension can compensate larger wheels and you still will drive a comfortable car. And the second main modifications is wheels. These 3-piece wheels are looking similar to classic BBS RS. But these wheels are fresh. By the way, Gold centers are looking awesome in a pair with this body color. Much better than Subaru :-)
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