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Stance BMW X1 F48

Here is a cute stance BMW X1 F48 from Indonesia. It's pretty expensive to own a car in Indonesia, that's why usually all tuning projects from Indonesia are qualitative and made without any limits. It doesn't has any sense to save $1000-2000 when you have bought an ordibary car for $100.000 and more. So, let's take a closer look at compact German SUV in more detail.

I may say that having almost unlimited budget this stance BMW X1 F48 looks pretty simple. White pearl body looks awesome with black trim and tinted windows. But else here we see here cool bronze wheels and lowered suspension. Owner has chosen wheels from Rotiform, which are looking close to legendary Volk TE37. Such Japanese design is a little unusual for European vehicle. But in the same moment it's an advantage of this tuning project because such mix made a unique SUV. Suspension is lowered by coilovers from KW. This suspension is reliable choice which gives a lot of adjustments. Only air suspension can be better for this stanced BMW X1 F48 and another vehicles. By the way, this is the second generation of X1. I guess this SUV looks much better than original BMW X1 E84. But at this moment the fresh BMW X1 are rare enough on tuning scene.
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