Tuning BMW X1

Here is a cool tiny SUV from BMW. And I guess that this BMW X1 E84 with some tuning looks really great. And this is an awesome vehicle for everyday using. Especially if this X1 has a right diesel engine in engine bay. So, I offer to watch this lowered BMW X1 in more detail.

We see here simple modifications, but all they are working. Owner just has lowered suspension. It could be coilers or air suspension. As we see, this is almost slammed BMW X1, but lowering is not significant for it. But my favourite change here is a new set of wheels. These wheels are larger and have many thick spokes. Probably these wheels are not best of the best, but they fit this tuned BMW X1. By the way, white body looks awesome with tinted windows and black trim. Even such not significant thing like a tint can make a styling more interesting.
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