Stance BMW X1

BMW X1 is not such cool and luxury as its big brothers. But it is not bad base for a tuning project. This stance BMW X1 on wheels from Velgen looks awesome. Let's watch it in more detail.

If you like BMW 3-Series Touring, but want to try some SUV, such X1 or larger BMW X3 can be a good choice. But if you live in USA and want to try something close to popular in Europe BMW 3-series Touring, this SUV is maximum close vehicle. And X1 can look cool with some tuning. This stance BMW X1 E84 got new larger wheels and lowered suspension. And actually even these 2 changes made this X1 more cool. Of course tint, usual for Florida, made exterior of this white SUV more interesting as well. Tinted windows and black trim always look cool on white vehicle. All side and rear windows may be tinted for better look. But some countries deny to tint front side windows.
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