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Tuning BMW X3 G01

Usually most fast end expensive models of BMW get modified. But even if you have simple white BMW X3 with 2-liter engine, you can do your SUV more cool and unique too.

White color usually shows how pretty the car is. And this fresh X3 is pretty. Looks much better than previous generations. And white color always looks great with black accents. Tinted black windows are needed in sunny places, but else it makes exterior more cool. Black nostrils and trim, blacked headlights and taillights. And the main - this X3 has an interesting wheels and they are not black. So we can see their pattern without any problems. Sounds easy? But even such trifles can make car more stylish. A little lowered suspension could make fitment and silhouette else better, but even in such condition this is a beautiful SUV.
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