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BMW X5 M F85 in Urban Green

BMW calls this color Urban Green. And it's limited color for M-cars. This color appeared on M3 and now we can meet it else on some cars with shield M. But! Here is previous generation of BMW X5M in F85 body. And It's a tuning.

Original Urban Green is a rare color. But there are much more cars in this color on roads. Answer is easy. Everybody can wrap his BMW or other vehicle in this color by vinyl film.

The main feature on this BMW X5 M is it's color. Because even wheels are... simple. There are a lot of wheels that will make better look, but owner accented all attention on a color. Simple X5 in F15 body, but wrapped in Urban Green vinyl film will not look much worse. So, if you were interested how BMW X5 F15 or F85 looks in Urban Green color - you are in a right place!
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