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Slammed BMW X5 M50d G05

Lowered SUV sounds like oxymoron, but what to do? It's our reality. And here we see stanced BMW X5 M50d in G05 body. It's unusual to look on lowered X5, but looks really interesting. M-bumpers are amazing and always look much better. And don't forget that this diesel SUV goes really like hell.

This project is built by usual recipe and a little more styling. Here is a pretty fitment that's why I may to say that slammed BMW X5 M50d G05 looks stunning. But air suspension allows to get higher when it's needed. So, it's practice. New wheels with machined face are looking great as well. Additional styling here is realized by tint and shadow line, so loved by many BMW fan boys. It's Europe, that's why here are tinted only rear windows. It's a pity, with tinted front side windows this X5 would look else better. Either way, it all looks amazing together.
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