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Stance BMW X5M F85

Here is an awesome stance BMW X5M F85 in snow. These pictures prove that even stanced BMW X5 with airlift is practical for all roads, weather and different situations in our life. But let's watch in more detail this SUV.

This stance BMW X5M has a lowered suspension. With lowering X5 looks great. Else here are installed larger and wider wheels. They are so wide so they stick out the body. In some States It can be outlaw, but looks great. Else here is "shadow line" - trim around windows and nostrils are black. Windows are tinted as well. It's not so visible on these pictures, but this X5M has splitters and, as we see, they are working well, they clean snow :-) Exhaust system was replaced into stainless. But rear mufflers may get hanged up better ;-)
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