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BMW X5 Bigfoot

If you were interesting how looks BMW X5 with really huge wheels, I guess you are in the right place. At least if you are interesting about BMW X5 E53. So, let's watch this cool bigfoot BMW X5.

Most part of people imagines bigfoot as some monster truck with any body at powerful frame with just huge wheels. This vehicle is not so. Here were done huge changes, almost all war modified (beside interior I guess). But this is still mostly modified BMW X5 E53 and it's absolutely legal vehicle. You can drive it everyday with comfort. But modified subframes and suspension in a couple with cut body allowed to convert this BMW X5 into real bigfoot. Huge height and powerful suspension, large tires, additional light, roof rack and else many changes made this X5 suitable for significant offroading. And in the same time it is still luxury German SUV. We have already pictures of another lifted BMW X5 E53, but they seam really cool just before you see this BMW X5 Bigfoot.
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