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Dropped BMW X5M F95

SUV may be multipurpose vehicle which can give a little more than ordinary passenger car. Including at least basic off-road features. But this idea almost never was about X5, including X5M. That's why dropped BMW X5M F95 is a usual case. No one car enthusiast would say that lowered BMW X5M F95 is not practice or something similar. Because X5 is a practice family vehicle, which looks like SUV but it would be a mistake to wait for wonder out of asphalt. And nobody cares about it! To make BMW X5 more cool always was more important than some offroading. And let's be honest, as all cars this dropped BMW X5M F95 looks just amazing!

BMW X5M has air suspension already from factory. So getting dropped for this BMW X5M F95 is a little different. After some modifications even stock airlift would allow to become this BMW X5 F95 much more lowered. But that's not all. This X5 is wrapped and this blue vinyl looks stunning with tinted windows, black trim and wheels. But the main feature of this tuning project are stylish yellow accents. Yellow brake calipers are looking cool here. DRL became yellow as well and it looks really interesting. Else you can see yellow struts behind large, but still not huge nostrils. Bless God this X5M still has acceptable nostrils, not like BMW M3 G80. There are a few simple and not so expensive mods made this BMW X5M more unique and stylish.
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