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Tuning BMW X5M F85

This is a cool gray BMW X5M in previous F85 body with a minor tuning. Changes here are not so significant, but this SUV looks much better than stock. So, let's watch this tuning BMW X5M F85 a little more detailed.

This is not a stance project that's why here is no lowering. But this X5M has a usual for such SUV modifications. It is not a secret that BMW X5 has an own tuning style. Basically all is needed is a set of really wide wheels. Sometimes you would need else spacers. Wheels may be close to fender or even stick out. But remember that the last can be outlaw. This tuning BMW X5M F85 is built by this recipe. Gray body, contrast tint. As you see, this X5M has at least 2 wheels sets. Probably original with machined face and matte black from BBS. And I bet that wheels are installed through spacers here. Anyway even with such minor tuning X5 looks much better.
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