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Stance BMW X5 E53

Here is an awesome blue stance BMW X5 E53. This original (or first generation, if you want) of BMW X5 is already rare in many countries. Almost all these SUV were exported to more poor countries. But if we see modified E53 usually it looks different. Some wide wheels, sometimes odd or even ugly wide wheels. Often these wide wheels are sticking out. Yes, in some meaning it can look cool as well. But this one X5 is built in another style. Let's watch this legend more detailed.

This X5 was saved in a great condition. Paint just shines. Headlights are aftermarket or modified. And smoked headlights are looking great here. This is BMW with 4.4-liver V8, so owner thought that it would a crime not to make awesome V8 voice else better. Stainless exhaust would help. Wheels are better than stock, they are larger. But I'm sure it's possible to choose much better. Even another wheels from BMW can look better here. And the last serious modification: here is installed air suspension which allows to get much lower. Wheels are to large, so this SUV doesn't lays on the ground, but it's not far from it. Rims are near fenders. Many people love such fitment. It is how we got this stance BMW X5 E53. Of course some fore fresh stance BMW X5 E70 would look better. But E53 still can look great and even cool.
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