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Tuning BMW X5 G05

Here we have an icon of our days, dream of the millions. Meet: BMW X5 G05 with some minor tuning. I offer watch its pictures and talk about this legendary SUV more detailed.

Basically, this is almost basic BMW X5 G05 with first tuning. Often people want to customize their vehicles, but it's almost impossible if vehicle is leased. But it's not absolutely impossible. You have a couple solutions, if you are in the same situation. The first step is to replace stock wheels into more cool. Here owner already has made it. He installed awesome and expensive wheels from Vossen, but here is a small mistake. This BMW X5 is dark-blue and wheels are black. Looks not so bad and such recipe is popular among BMW fan boys, but even cool wheels can be almost invisible. Like in our case. The second you can do (if yow want to attract attention) is wrapping. You can change vehicle's color, add some styling by your taste. And you can remove all it before return vehicle to dealer. Here is original BMW color. Probably you can't understand this color at pictures, but this is pretty enough color. And the last you can do in some cases is lowering. If your leased vehicle (like BMW X5 or some Range Rover Sport) has air suspension you can buy and install a controller which will allow to get else a little lower. This X5 is not lowered and it's visible. So, some tuning BMW X5 G05 is possible even if SUV is leased. As for this X5, I guess it would look much better with gray, silver or even bronze wheels. These black wheels are not bad, but are not the best in this color.
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