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Lowered BMW X5M F95

Here we have an awesome and fast purple. This lowered BMW X5M F95 has a some interesting mods. But the first I see here is this cool purple color. Being clean and after ceramic coating this lowered BMW X5 can look really stunning. But I offer to talk a little about tuning.

This X5 M got 2 main modification, which are required for every stance project. Owner installed new wheels instead usual from factory. Wheels made this SUV more unique. But else here we see a tiny lowering. Lowered BMW X5M F95 looks much better than almost stock BMW X5 G05. Cool wheels are making every vehicle better. But sometimes some lowering is required as well. Lowered vehicle looks more cool and finished. By the way, this purple color looks awesome with tinted windows and black trim. And, thanks God, owner installed gray wheels, not black...
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