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Dropped BMW X5 4.8is E53

Original BMW X5 in E53 body hadn't a real M-version. First X5M appeared in the next generation - BMW X5 E70. But that SUV had really powerful engine. And here we have such one - BMW X5 4.8is E53 with dropped suspension. This red X5 looks a little strange, but in the same it's a cool and rare enough. Most part of these SUV were with 4.4 V8 in North America and with legendary 3-liter diesel M57 in Europe.

4.8-liter engine was not the best in meaning of reliability. But this V8 was powerful and made this SUV pretty fast. This dropped BMW X5 4.8is E53 looks almost stock, but has a little lowered suspension. Lowering is not significant, but all vehicles are looking better with lowering. By the way, red X5 looks cool with tinted windows. Custom made 3 piece wheels are black as well. If wheels were dark gray or bronze, they would be more notable. However, even with such wheels this rare X5 looks pretty cool.
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