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Lifted and Swapped BMW X5 E53

Here we have a quite cool lifted BMW X5 E53 with swapped V8 engine. I bet it's some significantly modified LS. However, I guess it's a qualitative tuning project. And I offer you to take a closer look at this German SUV with American roots.

Lifted BMW X5 E53 is not something unique. We have a few similar tuning projects here. But this one lifted BMW X5 E53 with swapped probably LS engine is the most insane at this moment. Probably such SUV doesn't has a significant sense, but who said that it's a reason not to build such vehicle? I'm sure this lifted BMW X5 E53 it's fun out off asphalt. All because here is well modified suspension. Else I guess this swapped BMW X5 E53 is powerful and loud, that attracts a lot of attention around. The World needs more such SUVs. Make tuned vehicles, don't war!
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