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Tuned Cadillac CT5V

Here is an awesome tuned Cadillac CT5V with minor, but effective tuning. This is not significantly stanced Cadillac CT5V, with air suspension and all possible modifications. But car looks pretty cool and more unique than stock. So, let's watch it in more detail.

The most important and notable change here is a new set of wheels. New wheels are significantly changing exterior. These wheels are looking similar to wheels on salmon Cadillac CT5-V, which we have posted previously. And such wheels styling fits CT5, doesn't it? This Cadillac has an interesting color. Some BMW G30 have similar color, which looks from dark blue to black depending on the light. It's not best color for cool styling. So all you can do here to make your Cadillac more stylish is tint. And owner has done it. Cadillac CT5 is pretty fresh model, so we are waiting for cool and qualitative stance projects.
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