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Tuning Cadillac Escalade ESV V

All we know that Escalade is a modern version of that old, huge and comfortable Cadillacs. People love SUV now, so the real Cadillac is SUV. But new generation offers something especial... Long version ESV is not something new. But what about long version in V-series execution? So, meet Cadillac Escalade ESV V with some tuning. Let's look at this luxury SUV in more detail!

Today luxury SUV is something between huge comfortable conversion van and classic executive limousine or sedan. Sometimes vans are looking not so cool, but nobody can say that it's not cool to ride in SUV from Cadillac. Here is long version of Escalade. Just remember that this SUV can be for driver and his 6 passengers, or for driver and 3 passengers. And 2 of them will be in a real comfort. That's why talking about tuning of this Cadillac Escalade ESV V we would talk only about exterior. This Escalade is performed in fully black styling, like some BMW. Body, wheels, headlights and tinted windows. But badges are not blacked and we see large red brake calipers. Red calipers are the great accent at fully black vehicle. It's a shame, but this black styling hided awesome wheels from Vossen.
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