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Widebody Cadillac Escalade by Mansory

Mansory, the German luxury car modifier renowned for crafting extravagant custom SUVs, has unveiled its latest creation – a widebody transformation for the iconic Cadillac Escalade. While not as extreme as some previous projects like the Lamborghini Urus coupe conversion, Mansory's Escalade introduces familiar carbon upgrades and stylish wheels, marking the company's first foray into American SUVs.

A decade ago, Mansory gained fame for modifying luxury vehicles like the Continental GT and Porsche Panamera. Today, their focus has shifted to SUVs, with extreme body kits for models such as the Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and the new Range Rover. The Cadillac Escalade, being an iconic American SUV, naturally became a part of Mansory's portfolio.

The 2023 Escalade, already a success, drew the attention of European tuners. While Larte Design introduced a widebody kit last year, Mansory's iteration stands out as more advanced, borrowing elements popular among Mercedes G63 owners.

Mansory's success formula seems evident in the design of monoblock-style wheels, a trend embraced even by Dubai millionaires adorning their Brabus G63s with 80s alloys. The 10x26-inch gloss black alloys, part of the recently released FD series, boast a design reminiscent of classic Mercedes Monoblock wheels. Although crafted for the Escalade's specific bolt pattern, these 26-inch wheels make a bold statement.

While focusing on a non-supercharged version of the Escalade's V8 engine, Mansory has tuned it for increased power. The Vortec 6.2-liter engine, normally rated at 420 horsepower, now boasts an impressive "461 PS, 650 Nm" – equivalent to 456 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. A performance exhaust system, complete with quad pipes, adds to the dynamic driving experience. Mansory is also working on a modified V-Series, promising even more impressive numbers.

The body kit, although relatively subtle, includes extra trim pieces for the front air intakes, a carbon spoiler with integrated lights, and hood vents. Side enhancements feature new mirror caps, faux fender vents, and revised skirts. The rear is optimized with a trunk spoiler, a substantial F1-style diffuser, and tinted elements.
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