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Stance Chevrolet Aveo

Here is an awesome Chevrolet Aveo hatchback with stance. This is Ukrainian tuning project, that appeared else before ruZZian invasion and annexation in 2014. At these pictures we can see this stanced Chevrolet Aveo in its best version. This project is disassembled and sold now. And here is a new tuning project of that guy. But let's back to this Chevy.

As all stance projects, this Chevrolet Aveo had both main elements: wheels and fitment. Owner tried a few sets of wheels. But these WCI probably are the best of all. As from fitment, here was a few sets of suspension as well. From clipped springs to coilovers. If you own similar Aveo and want to modify it - you are in a right place. Just watch all pics of this Aveo for inspiration. Awesome tuning projects can be built in peace, if your neighbor doesn't starts the war and kills a lot of people, as it happened in Ukraine due to ruZZian orcs.
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