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Slammed Chrysler 300 2018

Chrysler 300 has a specific position on the market. Chrysler 300 was positioned as more luxury and refined version of popular modern muscle car Dodge Charger. But Charger is much more popular and we see a lot of modified cars on the american streets. And in the same moment Chrysler 300 almost became a rare car while producing. And it's a pity because 300th looks really great and many Europeans confuse it with Bentley... laughing laughing laughing

As for this slammed Chrysler 300, it looks awesome as well. Huge black sedan with tinted windows, large and wide wheels from Ferrada, lowered by air suspension and powerful V8-sound of Hemi. Hump on a hood and 4 exhaust tips give a feel that it's powerful and fast car.
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