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Tuning Daewoo Lanos

Here we have an awesome olive sedan Daewoo Lanos with quite interesting tuning from heroic Kharkiv, Ukraine. I don't know absolutely all history of this tuned Daewoo Lanos, but I know at least anything. And I want to tell you all I found out. So, let's take a closer look at this compact sedan with some tuning, which was known in United States as Daewoo Kalos.

Daewoo Lanos became a real people's car in Ukraine. These cars were producing in Ukraine by ruZZian annex of Crimea and invasion to Donbas in 2014. So, tuning Daewoo Lanos was pretty popular in Ukraine. And there were created a lot of pretty cool tuned Daewoo Lanos. From Beginning it was 2001 ZAZ L1300, more simple version of Lanos with Ukrainian engine and transmission. But in late 2000s this car was registered in Kharkiv. You could hear about that metropolis with 1.5 million citizens during war. Kharkiv is only in 30 kilometers (around 20 miles) from ruZZian border. That's why ruZZians tried to raze the city to the ground every day. However, this interesting Daewoo Lanos appeared else before invasion in 2014. Weak 1.3-liter engine MEMZ was swapped into 1.6-liter from GM. This 1.6 engine isn't significantly more power than 1.5-liter engine, which was usual for Lanos. But every Lanos owner dreams about 1.6. Car was resprayed in this pretty olive color. It's a shame but during body works this Daewoo Lanos became a victim of weird "sex spec" tuning from 2000s. Lanos lost its grill. Taillights were rethought. And I guess these taillights are looking really cool. Car got a little strange yellow tint. Dark bronze wheels with 6 spokes aren't the best, but they are looking quite good. Suspension was not lowered. I can't say this Daewoo Lanos is an icon of style. But this sedan has some interesting tuning solutions. At least body color and taillights. Just don't remove grill!
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