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Slammed Dodge Challenger 2014

Here we see slammed 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T. Large cars almost always look great with lowering and this huge coupe is not an exclusion. So, let's watch this early Challenger more detailed.

This model appearead allready almost 20 years ago and had the only one not necessary facelifting in 2015. And only interior got really serious changes - new interior actually.

Orange body looks great with black accents. That's why tint was a right step. Black stripes RT on sides are looking not so bad as well. But black splitters make a look of this slammed 2014 Dodge Challenger more high. But in real this car almost lays on the ground. Matte bronze color is not the best for orange body. But bronze wheels from Vossen are looking great here. Thanks God, wheels are not black. It would be a pity if such cool wheels will be almost invisible.
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