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Slammed Dodge Charger

Here we see an awesome burgundy slammed Dodge Charger. By the way, black, burgundy and some tones of blue can look just stunning after ceramic coating. So, if you love clean car and deep colors - these 3 colors would the best for you. You can even apply a ceramic coating yourself. And even cheap Chinese solution from Ali would work (maybe not so long, but it would). In this case even stock painting, without any wrapping, can become a large part of your tuning project.

But let's back to this awesome Charger. Except awesome painting here was used an ordinary recipe: wheels + fitment. These wheels are larger and wider than stock. And they are finished in black. Usually black wheels are not so good solutions, but here it looks not so bad. Black wheels have some harmony with body color and tinted windows. And off course here was installed airlift. Air bags allow this huge sedan to lie on the ground. But lo seem else more low here was installed front splitter. Else I may notice that it's fast enough model, so modified rear spoiler here looks well. And it would be a crime to leave exhaust in stock. Maybe it's a last decade when we can hear beautiful sound of Hemi V8. Because everything can change already with next generation of Charger and Challenger.
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