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Widebody Dodge Charger LX

On my taste Dodge Charger from 2000s was not beautiful car. But American design of 2000s was so. But this widebody Dodge Charger LX looks cool. Let's look at this Charger in more detail.

This car has not so significant modifications. They are not cheap, but simple. Owner just replaced wheels. New set of wheels has really wide rims and 5-spoke centers. Plastic fenders cover these new wheels. It's cheap fenders on rivets. Air suspension allows this widebody Dodge Charger LX to lay on the ground and it looks stunning. Bumpers, hood and headlights are looking not stock as well. And all this is wrapped. As I've said, this are really not cheap, but simple modifications, which can make such Dodge Charger or Dodge Magnum more cool.
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