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Tuning Dodge Durango R/T

Dodge Durango is a large, powerful enough and not expensive SUV. Nobody buys Durango to fill the small of natural leather and to feel qualitative, expensive materials in interior. Durango is roomy, can be fast and doesn't has handling like BMW X5. But Dodge Durango has a great V8 Hemi and has an aggressive exterior. So, let's work with it.

First you do having Hemi under hood is to unleash it's voice. Aftermarket mufflers will help. Somebody also removes resonator. The second are wheels. Here are larger wheels and due to spacers they sticking out of the body. Now it's not so legal, but looks brutal. By the way, wheels are finished in black, all trim, windows, badges, headlights and taillights are blacked and it looks great on white SUV.
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