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Tuning Dodge Durango SRT 392 2020

Here is a pure American SUV in black style. Dodge Durango is very American vehicle: huge SUV, comfortable enough, with handling far from ideal, but in the same with powerful 6.4-liter V8 engine. But don't think that Durango is really fast with this engine. 6.4-liter (392) Hemi has a power of supercars from 1990ths or early 2000ths. But this is just fast and really heavy SUV.

Let's talk about styling of this Dodge Durango. This SUV is performed in total black styling. Body is black, wheels are black as well, windows are tinted, trim and badges are blacked. Headlight looks blacked too. But this SUV has a few red accents: brake calipers and taillights. All is needed this vehicle to get completed is new stainless exhaust system. New exhaust system can make exhaust sound else more beautiful. Stock mufflers usually hide beautiful V8-sound.
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