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Slammed Dodge Durango

Have you ever thought that Dodge Durango is almost unique SUV now (autumn of 2023)? This is cheap enough SUV and Durango can be fast with V8 engine. V8 is already unavailable for many models, which had it before. But you still can buy Durango with 5.7 or even 6.4 liter Hemi. Even if it is the last Durango's years. If you love this model - you should buy it! Because next generation, no doubt, will be faster, more efficient and ecological. But you wouldn't can to buy it with Hemi and build such slammed Dodge Durango with awesome V8 exhaust sound.

The main feature of this olive green Durango is stance. But aftermarket exhaust will make your slammed Dodge Durango with V8 just more finished. But let's back to this SUV. This awesome olive green color fits this SUV and looks great together with black grill, trim, wheels and tinted windows. But, as I often say, black wheels can look great, but they have one imperfection. Black wheels can be almost invisible. Even if you have bought really cool and expensive wheels. And it is a pity because here are really pretty wheels. Slammed SUV is a little unusual, but this Durango looks great.
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