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Widebody RAM 1500

Here is a really awesome custom made widebody RAM 1500. We already posted here pictures of wide body RAM 1500 from Japan. This truck is widebody as well, but built different.

This black RAM has a few orange accents, airlift allows this truck simply lie on the road. It's wheels stick out of the car and wide body kit here is needed co cover sticking out wide wheels. In this case widebody kit is more than on Japanese project. Front splitter and rear diffuser make this RAM lower. Side splitters make truck wider. They are located between front and rear fenders and due to these side splitters (or skirts, call it how you want) this truck looks a little like vehicle from 1930s. Anyway, this wide RAM 1500 is a real showstopper, that can attract an attention of all people around. Even people who don't love cars would watch this seriously customized RAM.
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