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Restomod Ferrari F40 Competizione

Here is not ordinary supercar. Yes, every Ferrari F40 is not ordinary, especially if it's restomod Ferrari F40 Competizione with around 1000hp. Let's be honest, 1000hp is a serious power even today. But from factory it was a usual red 1989 F40 with chassis number 80782, but after it this car was a few times rebuilt and power of 2.9-liter V6 increased from 478 to around 1000hp. Last restoration and tuning costed 123000 Euro. And now it's really unique car, the only one such. And it's amazing that this beautiful monster can drive on the roads.

By the way, its badge "Competizione" this Ferrari F40 got after preparation for Le Mans. It was made by order of French Ferrari's importer. So this modified F40 is more especial than black Ferrari F40 from Gas Monkey. That car was just repaired after damage and doesn't has a racing history, like this car.

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