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Tuning Fiat Croma

Tuning Fiat Croma
Here we have a pretty rare pictures of Fiat Croma with some tuning. Pictures are old, that's why quality is poor. However, here we see a cool silver Fiat Croma with some body kit all around. Both bumpers, side skirts and the wing on trunk lid. Ordinary Croma looks not so cool as this one. And it's just 5 body parts.

By the way, we have else pictures of this tuning Fiat Croma. We would like to show you more pictures of this tuned Fiat Croma, but it's almost impossible to find anything... Let's back to our short review. Else this Croma has a cool wheels from BBS. These wheels fit all old cars and Croma isn't an exclusion. It's original wheels, not custom made 3-piece, likely R15. And, as you see, it's not stanced Fiat Croma. Just no lowering. And even without lowering this Fiat Croma on pictures from middle 2000s looks pretty fresh. If this car was modified in some 2022 it would have else a little lowered suspension. All other modifications still looks awesome, like qualitative tuning should look.
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