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Tuning Fiat Coupe

Fiat Coupe is already a rare car now. To meet this car with some pretty and interesting - it's almost impossible. You have more chances to meet a unicorn than well tuned Fiat Coupe. But we have found such car!

Here we see stanced Fiat Coupe. In yellow color, one of best for this model. Lowered suspension and cool custom wheels. These wheels have polished rims and dark-gray centers with 4 spokes. Bagged suspension allows this Fiat Coupe to get much lower than stock. And I may to say that yellow slammed Fiat Coupe looks just amazing. But the main - if you would build a project close to this - it would be a rare project. I'm sure it would be a real show stopper and your ticket to all cars&coffee or any car enthusiasts meetings.
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