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Tuning Fiat Grande Punto

Now Novitec is famous by its body kits for supercars, but in 2000s you could buy tuning parts for your Fiat Grande Punto from Novitec.

So, here we see Grande Punto with bumpers, skirts and wheels from Novitec. Else here we see a hood with gills. This car doesn't need it, but looks not so good. Plus here are installed additional covers, like that on headlights. Sounds easy. But I like it, this red Grande Punto looks really great, even years later. Some lowering is making silhouette more fast. This hatchback could look else better with tint, but it's Europe, so no tint is usual.

Fiats are not so popular on tuning scene, but sometimes we can meet an interesting cars, like this one stanced Fiat Coupe.
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