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Widebody Ford Bronco

Sometimes you can think that you already have seen everything. But very soon you would be surprised by something new. And here we have such situation. We have seen bagged Ford Bronco, lifted Bronco,... And it seamed that it's complicated to create something significantly new with Bronco. But... Meet, widebody Ford Bronco! Let's talk about this awesome blue SUV in more detail.

New Bronco appeared as a competitor for Jeep Wrangler. That's why the is basically convertible SUV with some kind of removable roof. But Bronco is a new, modern version of a cult model, Ford has cool powerful engines (like 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost) and our technologies allow us to make really cool things. We got this widebody Ford Bronco due to all these reasons. And I may confirm that this SUV looks really cool. Widebody kit and powerful engine are not new feature for SUVs. But it still works! And this wide body Ford Bronco is an evidence of this. Because short SUV with wide wheels covered by widebody and powerful engine is always cool.
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