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Ford Edge ST 2020 Wide body

Here is else one facelifted Ford Edge ST with wide body kit from SS Tuning. By the way, SS Tuning is a company from unbreakable Ukraine, which produces tuning parts for Fords. Their parts are qualitative and not so expensive. So, let's take a closer look at awesome Edge in more detail.

This is a facelifted Ford Edge. But SS Tuning produces wide body kits for early Ford Edge ST 2G. Such bodykit makes this SUV more muscle and rude. I can't say that I am a fan of such tuning. But this Edge looks really amazing. Here we see white SUV, so it's a right decision to add black accents. Black grills and splitters. Windows are tinted, it's probably the most simple modification, but all white vehicles are looking cool with tint. Wheels from Ford were painted in almost black. Not the best solution, but it looks great with red brake calipers. And all together looks cool as well. But a little lowering could make an exterior else more cool.
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