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Stance Ford Escort RS Turbo Mk3

Ford made a lot of cult cars, for domestic market of Unites States and abroad. There are a lot of people in all the world who love Fords. And this stance Ford Escort RS Turbo Mk3 with some tuning is one of the reasons why it is so. Let's look at this rocket from probably 1986 in more detail.

Talking about power, this is not so powerful car. But it's today. 132hp is not so huge power for present cars. But for lightweight cars of 1980s... It was the real rocket almost 40 years ago! It was a dream of many boys from 1980s. So it's not a surprise that these boys became adult and got their dream. As for tuning of this stance Ford Escort RS Turbo Mk3, here are simple, but effective and working solutions. Lowered suspension makes more cool every car. Air suspension is the best solution even for such old cars. Here are installed probably custom made 3-piece wheels with polished rims. Transparent taillights and turn signals are looking cool here. It makes exterior a little more fresh. And it's cool that this is not Chinese LEDs. Anyway, probably this is one of best Ford Escort Mk3 I have ever seen.
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