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Restomod Ford F100

Present trucks from Ford are huge and often luxury enough. But some people still love old, already classic trucks. Like this one 1953-1955 Ford F100. But we all know that it's really difficult to drive such old cars on the roars with modern cars. With their powerful engines and great brakes. Handling from 1950ths - that's by taste too. So some guys build restomods. Outside and inside cabin they look as old cars and trucks, often they can have patina instead ideal new painting. But inside they are modern enough. New or modified old engines with enough power, modern auto transmissions, custom suspensions to make handling not worse than on modern car. And the main - brakes! On almost 70 years old truck they were almost absent from factory, what to tell after all these years...
In this Ford F150 my favorite place is engine bay. New engine was painted in bronze color, on dark-green body it looks great. Else one interesting moment - V8 shield on the grill. It's not original place but looks as it was so always.
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