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Tuning Ford F150 Raptor 2024

Here we have an awesome 2024 Ford F150 Raptor with some tuning. Some say that previous Raptor was better. And the first Raptor with V8 was else better. But who said that all these minds are the truth? So, let's watch at this super truck in more detail.

Ecology and soon electrification make manufacturers to use new technologies to pass new rules. And sometimes power or reliability can fall. But it doesn't mean that this cool gray Raptor isn't cool. Talking about speed and power, some Rivian R1T or Ford F150 Lightning probably can be better. But in the same moment F150 is a legend and loud gas engine still is the best for many people. As for tuning of this Ford F150 Raptor, this truck has some exterior changes. Gray color without metallic looks fresh and cool. And in the same moment this body color looks cool in a pair with black accents. Tinted windows and black trims are looking great. But black wheels probably are the mistake. Owner has installed cool forged wheels from Vossen. They are expensive and it has a reasons. These wheels are really cool, but you can't admire them already from 10 meters because they are almost hidden, Just black spots. I guess a little lighter wheels could be better. By the way, this Raptor has V6 Ecoboost. Turbo engine is an easy target if you want to increase the power.
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