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Stance Ford Focus Turnier Mk4

Here is a cool orange Ford Focus Turnier Mk4 with stance. But stance doesn't make this wagon Focus especial. This Focus looks cool mostly due to its color. Wrapping can make bright and cool any car, and this Ford Focus Turnier as well. But let's back to stance. This Focus has a static lowering by coilovers. This cheap enough solution allows to adjust fitment and car's behavior. It's a cool tool if you know what to do. Black trim looks awesome with orange color. Else here are installed black splitters, they make a silhouette lower, even without serious lowering. Cool wheels and tyre stickers are finishing the most important tuning of this Ford Focus Turnier Mk4. And I may to say that 4th generation looks really cool even in stock. It's a pity that American Focus fans didn't receive this generation.
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