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Tuning Ford Focus ST Wagon Mk3

There are not so many fast wagons you can remember. But I guess you can include Ford Focus ST Wagon in this list. This vehicle doesn't goes like a hell or some Mercedes E63s AMG Wagon. So let's watch this Ford Focus ST Wagon Mk3 with some tuning more detailed.

This is a little strange and unusual, but here is not a stance project :-) Yes, here are installed some lowered springs for better and look and fitment. But lowering is not significant. Anyway, here are cool wheels and tyre stickers :-) Wheels are finished in black. On my opinion this is not best solution to install black wheels. But all this project is built on a couple colors: blue and black. Body is blue. Wheels and trim are black. Headlights are smoked, windows are tinted, mirrors have "carbon" caps, black decal on side. Else we see here front and rear splitters. And of course splitters are black as well. Here are a tiny modifications, but all together looks cool. And don't forget that it is ST.
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