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Wrapped Ford Fusion

At first, before you have exploded, it's not Fusion from North America, it's tuned Ford Mondeo Mk5 from Europe. It's liftback, that's why car has rear wiper and a little different rear end silhouette. But if you are interesting how Europeans modify such cars - you are in a right place.

This car is modified by ordinary receipt, where the main parts are fitment and wheels. Cool looking lowering was made by air suspension. Car can drive with lowered suspension and when it's needed can lay on the ground. Lowered large cars always look cool. And as all stanced projects this Ford Mondeo got awesome wheels from Rotiform. They fit this car and look stunning.

American Ford Fusion owners sometimes tune their cars more than it's needed, using all they can find on Aliexpress. All these gills on rear side windows, neon light, etc. It attracts an attention, but this is not to everyone's taste and understanding. This car for attraction of attention was wrapped by matte purple vinyl film. Looks rich.

By the way, we have more pictures of this tuned Ford Mondeo Hatchback.
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