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Bagged Ford Mondeo Turnier Mk5

Here is an awesome full-size wagon from European Ford with some mods. At first, I may notice that lowered long wagons are looking cool almost always. And here is so.

The main modification of this Mondeo 5 is lowered suspension. Here were installed air bags with all needed air equipment. May to say that such tuning can be really for such wagon as Mondeo Turnier. People installing air suspension to adjust suspension and make car much lower for better look. But in the same moment they receive else more comfortable and smooth ride. And in case with wagons, owners can carry more heavy things in their cars. So, if you have a wagon and want to install air suspension to have more cool car at Cars'n'Coffee but don't know how to explain this wast of money to your wife - this is life hack you need: it's to make a car more practice, carry more heavy things, etc :-)

As for other mods, they are not so multiple, but notable. Splitters make silhouette else lower and more angry. Rear bumper has 4 exhaust pipes. It's not usual for Mondeo. Especially if most part of them are diesels and are not so powerful :-) But rear bumper can include some parts from its American brother - Ford Fusion Sport with powerful 2.7-liter V6 Ecoboost. Anyway, looks awesome and is near unique.
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