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Tuning Ford Mustang California Special

This is almost rare red Ford Mustang California Special with some exterior tuning. Here are a few minor changes, but they did this Mustang else better. So, let's watch this American coupe more detailed.

Red color always looks great with black trim and tint. And owner used this rule here. And I am glad that here are installed not black wheels. That's why everybody can admire these forged wheels from Vossen. Else this Mustang got lowered suspension and a few splitters and diffuser. It's not significant tuning, but this Ford Mustang California Special looks just awesome. Else owner added a wing on the trunk lid, black as well. By the way, roof and mirrors are wrapped in black as well. But my favorite thing on this car is exhaust. I'm loving exhaust with 4 pipes. And I hope this exhaust has cool voice as well.
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